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Gary Buchanan


Gary came to storytelling late in life. In 2000 Gary entered the “West Virginia Liar's Contest” and placed third in his first public attempt. Over the years he has returned and placed second in 2013 and third in 2012 and 2014. (His three third place finishes are a WV record......O.K., that is a lie). In 2016 at the “Bold-Faced Liar's Showdown” in North Carolina he was third and the “Peoples Choice Award” winner. Gary returned in 2017 and told the winning tale. In 2018, he was the first place liar at the “Mountain Mack Liar's Contest” in Virginia , as well as winning the “Bold and Bodacious Liar's Contest” at the annual conference of the Kentucky Storytelling Association. A proud native of West Virginia, Gary is a member of the West Virginia Storytelling Guild, the Virginia Storytelling Alliance, the Kentucky Storytelling Association, and the Storytellers of Central Ohio.